Customer profiles, right in Gmail

Instant Insight

Open an email, and Zenbox pulls in your customer information from dozens of services right into the sidebar.

Better support

Tailor your support messages knowing exactly who you're talking to.

Better Sales

Give your sales insight into who's going to be happy to hear from them, and who needs some more tender love and care.

Easy Integration

Zenbox installs so quickly, you'll think it was always there!

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Riley Scott

Co-founder, Aisle50 Inc.
We use Zenbox at Aisle50 to support customer service. It was easy to install/configure and has reduced our average time per request by close to 50%. An all-around great product!!

Daniel Meola

CTO, Knifecenter
The tool is working great and the customer service team loves it! Thanks to the ability to customize zenbox with JSON, customer order history is now tied to the emails for quick reference. The notes field has been very helpful as well. I appreciate the great service!

Darby Wong

Founder, Clerky
So useful - great execution, worked exactly as expected. It's so nice to be able to integrate with all the services we use and see all the relevant information for our customers.

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