Customer profiles, right in Gmail

Instant Insight

Open an email, and Zenbox pulls in your customer information from dozens of services right into the sidebar.

Better support

Tailor your support messages knowing exactly who you're talking to.

Better Sales

Give your sales insight into who's going to be happy to hear from them, and who needs some more tender love and care.

Easy Integration

Zenbox installs so quickly, you'll think it was always there!

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Jonathan Siegel

Racker, Rackspace
OMG! This is the plugin I've been waiting for. I don't do Salesforce... but I do Mailchimp, Stripe, Zendesk and I was pulling my hair out trying to handle all these disparate systems. Now my team uses Zenbox and no matter where our customer data is, it shows brilliantly right when we need it. If you use SaaS apps for your business you'll be delighted after you install Zenbox!

Darby Wong

Founder, Clerky
So useful - great execution, worked exactly as expected. It's so nice to be able to integrate with all the services we use and see all the relevant information for our customers.

Dave Fowler

Founder, Chart.io
I use Zenbox for sales and support. It quickly shows me the conversation I've had with given users in the past. It not only saves me a bunch of time but enables me to bring the customer history into the context of our conversations, creating a much more personal experience for the customer and we spend less time re-explaining basic concepts that we've already gone over.

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